Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend of Food

Well it was pretty much a lost weekend - the diet & healthy eating went out the door! First it was crepes on friday, then I stuffed myself with pretzels on Saturday, and today we had thanksgiving dinner! Although I currently look like I'm pregnant, it was worth it - the food was delicious!

 (Forgot to take pics of the pumpkin pie - sorry! But it's the same pie recipe under the 'Recipes' tab)

 The weather was beautiful today too.  It was around 29 degrees, but felt like the 30's in the sun... it was like summer came back to visit for a while :D  So we took a walk, and ended up having a drink and snack at Second Cup - I had a croissant, and my sister had a raspberry cheesecake.

Right now, I am collapsed on the couch and watching Julie & Julia.... a movie about - you guessed it - Food!! 


Anonymous said...

The chicken looks tasty

Sandy said...

Thanks! It was actually a turkey , (just the breast and thighs separately) :)