Friday, October 28, 2011

Michael Bublé - Christmas!!

As you can probably tell, I'm already getting excited about Christmas and I've started the countdown!  It's my favourite time of year, and the other day my sister surprised me with Michael Bublé's new Christmas album!! :D  I've been waiting for it to be released, and I finally have it... I've been listening to the christmas songs everyday; they're so festive and I think they've included all the perfect songs for the holiday!


Anonymous said...

I like mr.boobles music, it makes me wanna booble all around. IS there mr. booble biscuits for sale or mr. booble tree huggers? message me back i like a collection of booblle merchanboobledise

jaimelynn//mythcalledlove said...

LOVE him. He was the first xmas album I put on this year :) happy holidays (so soon!!) - jaimelynn

Sandy said...

Me too! I played his album while I was putting up the christmas decorations (I know, so soon :D)... he has the perfect voice! Thank you, happy holidays to you too!