Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fruit for the mind, body and soul!

I have quite a bit to do today, and I need to plan the dinner for thanksgiving this weekend!!  I was thinking of making the same dishes I cooked last year (maybe not as many though, cos we had enough left over for a few weeks!);  Turkey breast with rosemary, sweet potato balls, a green beans side dish, and pumpkin pie with frozen yoghurt for dessert.  I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!  I'll definitely post some pictures of the food afterwards.

Anyway,  here's what I had for breakfast today...  some bran flakes with bananas, strawberries, cinammon and honey - healthy & full of energy!

I also wanted to show you a new favourite scrub I've been using.  It's a pink grapefruit and tangerine body scrub which I bought from my salon 'SugarMoon', and it's very effective for exfoliating and really softens the skin so you don't need any moisturizer afterwards!  I've had it for almost a month, and the jar is still quite full!  It also smells amazing!  I wish you could smell it through the computer :)

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