Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Body Shop Greatest Makeup Event

Yesterday, my sister and I went to a Body Shop & Virgin Mobile event at the Yonge-Dundas square... and of course, it was raining!! But it wasn't just a light drizzle - it was like a torrential downpour! Obviously that didn't stop us from going... we were getting those free makeovers no matter what! lol

Anyhoozles, when we arrived the Black eyed Peas were blaring from the DJ's stand and we lined up in the VIP que (since we had the body shop membership card).  They were handing out samples from their new arrivals, so we each got a packet of their Vitamin E moisturizer, a Shea Butter & Sesame Oil Body Balm, and their new fragrance 'Dreams Unlimited'.   Once we signed in, we were shown to a makeup artist who sat us down and did our makeup for us.  My sister's makeup looked amahzing... mine one the other hand, was not that great.  The makeup artist who did mine was really nice and friendly, but she did my eye make up waay to dark (which didn't suit me at all), she didn't blend my foundation properly, and she didn't even put mascara which completely ruined the look!  And to top it all off, my sister got a $10 dollars off coupon and a drink and I left empty handed- hmph!

I'm still glad we went though, because after the event we went straight to the Body Shop in Eaton Centre and used the coupon to buy the Extra Virgin Minerals foundation which is brilliant (made from olive oil from Italy!), and a few other products like blush, highlighter and lipgloss.  We had a good time, so thank you to the Body Shop!

Products I bought at the Body Shop store

Extra Virgin Minerals Creme Compact Foundation (I'm #102 Natural Ivory) 

Baked Blush: 02 Coral

Brush on Radiance

Spa Wisdom Africa: Shea Butter & Sesame Oil Body Balm
Vitamin E moisture cream
The Body Shop New Fragrance: Dreams Unlimited

Our makeup consultation book where she wrote  all the products that were used: Compact 102, Shimmer Cubes Eyeshadow #23, Brush on Radiance, Hi-shine lipgloss #4

Later on that evening, we went to see "Crazy Stupid Love" at the AMC.  While I love Steve Carell and all his movies and shows, I wasn't that impressed with the movie... it was a regular 'feel good' film, with a few laughs here and there - so it was pleasant but not that funny. (6.8/10)

From movie review site

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