Friday, March 4, 2011

The Green Hornet

So I went to see the Green Hornet today in 3D, since they didn't have a regular showing.  I thought it was an entertaining action movie and fun to ; it would be most popular with teenagers, I would think, since it has the over-the-top action scenes and slow motion martial arts stunts .

The Green Hornet stars Seth Rogan as Britt Reid, Jay Chou as his partner Kato, and Cameron Diaz as Reid's assistant .  The storyline wasn't very original,  but the movie as a whole was very entertaining especially if you like Seth Rogan's humour and his bumbling personality.... and his assistant Kato was very good too !  I would have liked to see more of him!

Brief plot: After his father's death, Britt Reid inherits his dad's newspaper company which he doesn't want to run and doesn't care about it.  After meeting his late father's mechanic, Kato, they both become friends and decide to form a team (since Reid is very intelligent and Kato is an experted engineer and martial artist, but both haven't been living up to their potential).  They decide to fight crime, by pretending to be villains and put a stop to the city's criminals.

I give this movie : 7/10

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