Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Dubai water fountain (Video)

I forgot that I had taken this video when we were in Dubai! We went to have dinner at a lebanese restaurant in Dubai Mall and we were seated outside on the patio, with the world's tallest tower "Burj Khalifa" on our right, the water fountain in front of us, and the rest of the buildings which make up Dubai Mall on our left! The weather was so nice; a little breezy which meant you needed to wear a jacket.

The fountain was scheduled every half hour, and lasted 5-10 minutes. Every half hour the fountain would put on a different 'dance' with accompanying music... including 'Time to Say Goodbye', an Arabic melody, and Michael Jackson's Thriller (which I missed!! :[ )

Anyway, here's the video I took (it's in 2 parts because the first memory card ran out of space, so I had to switch it) ... I'm not sure what music it is, but it sounds like something from Indiana Jones lol ... Enjoy!

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