Friday, January 13, 2012

New Year's Celebrations

For New Year's, we decided to celebrate outside the house so we made a reservation at Ember restaurant in the Address Hotel (it's close to Dubai Mall, so it took us forever to get there because of traffic - since the fireworks display from Burj Khalifa was close by!).  It was a set 5 course menu of fine-dining dishes, and each course was sooo delicious!  I'll include a snapshot of the menu, which shows different options for each course.

We were first greeted at the front desk by the manager of the restaurant, and shown to our table...

Champagne and fresh oysters upon arrival! :D  The oysters were so fresh, and the champagne was actually Prosecco (an italian white sparkling wine), which I think is my favourite type now! 

The restaurant interior:

Entertainment during dinner

Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures of the individual dishes (I think I was too excited to start eating them lol), but this is the palette cleanser we had in between the starter and main course.  It was served in a bowl of ice(!) which was illuminated from below by a light which changed colour ever few seconds ...very cool! 

Orange, Champagne and Rosemary Sorbet

At midnight, we watched the Burj Khalifa fireworks on a big screen.... Here's a video of the 2012 fireworks from youtube below:

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