Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Boat tour on the Creek

This was one of my favourite outings in Dubai; we went to 'Al Boom Tourist Village' which offers banquet halls, cruises, catering and has its own restaurant.  We decided to book a private boat/dhow (a traditional arabic sailing vessel) for a one hour tour of the Dubai Creek... it was so nice and relaxing, although very windy!

Interior of Al Boom Tourist Village

Interior of Al Boom Tourist Village


inez said...

It reminded me of a great vacation. Beautiful scenery, peaceful atmosphere, delicious food, nice people and everything in the pack in love. Nice post, a beautiful picture .... continue blogging

Lilia Dyal said...

Maybe the weather was just upset that’s why it was too windy. Anyway, after looking at the photo, it seems to me that you had a great time on your private boat tour. Look at all the amazing photos you captured. I even saw a seaplane; I’m wondering if it can be chartered. It would also be a great experience to tour the country boarding a private plane up.

Sandy said...

Thank you for your lovely comments! Inez: It was a great vacation, and I hope to go back there soon!
Lilia: I think the weather was upset, but that didn't bother us; we still had fun! I think that seaplane can be chartered... it may have been a private plane of one of the residents.