Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fitness for Food...Zumba-Yogathon!

Today we went to the first annual Fitness for Food Zumba-Yogathon event organized by the Food and Clothing Bank which raises money/collects canned items or clothing donations.  It was held in the music hall at Hart House, and it was soo much fun!!  The only downside was waking up early on a Sunday morning, but it was worth it :D  

First of all we signed in, dropped off our donations, entered our names to be drawn for prizes later on, and collected our yoga mats.   We started our day with an ice-breaker activity - talking to people and writing down something which was inspiring about them; then the fun part came... Zumba!!  It was such a fun workout, although sometimes you had to watch out for someone slapping or kicking you since we were so close to each other :S   

We then had a break, and some light lunch was provided: butternut squash soup which was delicious; assortment of cheeses; grapes and oranges; a healthy high fibre granola bar; raisin muffin; and juices!   I completely forgot to take pictures of the food, but everyone was crowding around the buffet table so there wouldn't have been an opportunity to do that anyway!  

After everyone was done eating, we came back to the event room and they drew winners for various prizes... my name was drawn for a free cyclefit membership but since I was a student (and we get free membership anyway) my name was put back and I didn't win any other prizes...hmph! :P  But I'm used to it by now... I never win anything anyway haha   We then moved onto yoga!  I had done a class a long time ago, but I didn't remember stretching as much as we did... some moves were a little difficult to hold, but overall it was very relaxing.  I'm definitely going to try and sign up for some more yoga classes soon :)  

To end the day, they offered free 5-minute massages.... a perfect way to end the event!  

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