Friday, February 11, 2011

Satarii Star

I recently found out about a new camera innovation called Satarii, which allows the camera to follow you where ever you go while you're filming/vlogging!  It sounded so interesting, and their campaign video shows you its features (which are still being updated at the moment).  All you need is the base/tripod to mount your camera on and allows it to swivel, following your every move.  In order to do this, you need to be wearing a small marking device which can be placed in your pocket or clipped onto your clothes!  This product isn't on the market yet, but I bet it will be very popular once it comes out.  Here is their campaign video on youtube:

ShayCarl, a youtuber who makes videos on his own channel as well as daily vlogs of his family (the Shaytards -- which I'm subscribed to btw.. they're hilarious!), has been recently appointed as the spokesperson for Satarii.  If you like, you should definitely take a look at his channel.... I look forward to watching his videos everyday!  I wake up every morning and immediately sign into youtube for them ... hahah oonly joking... kind of ... 

Here is the video from his daily vlog channel, Shaytards, where he talks about Satarii and visits with the creators and engineers who built it.  (He starts talking about it at around 10:43)

Youtube wouldn't let me copy the embedding code from the video page, so here's the link to it:

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