Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lisa Eldridge - Professional Make up Artist

I'm going to be travelling in a couple of days, so I won't have much time to post anything new... but before I go, for all the girls (or guys) who wear makeup, I wanted to talk about Lisa Eldridge.  Lisa is a professional make up artist with 21 years experience. She has become one of the most highly regarded make up artists among supermodels, celebrities, and magazine editors. She is in high demand within beauty and fashion circuits internationally.  I had subscribed to her youtube channel a few months ago, and her videos include tutorials ranging from natural to creative/dramatic looks; as well as tips/tricks/advice.  All her explanations are extremely clear, and I found every single one of her videos very helpful!   She is not a youtube partner, and so she has relied on word of mouth to get almost 37 thousand subscribers!

She has many pages where you can follow her:
Facebook -
Twitter -
Youtube -
Mailing list on her blog -

At the moment, she is doing a give away for everyone who is following her:

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