Sunday, August 16, 2015

Licensed Zumba Instructor !

Hi everyone!!  I'd like to share some news I'm very excited about!  This week I became an officially licensed Zumba Instructor!! Yay!  

I haven't started teaching any classes yet, and it will take another week or so for my ZIN (Zumba Instructor Network) membership to be active so I'm still in the planning stages right now :)   I have created a youtube channel here where I will be sharing some original choreographies, and videos on other topics I'm interested in (like food, nutrition, and cooking)!

Yesterday I created and filmed a choreography to Ricky Martin's song "La Mordidita" which is on the new channel... check it out here !  Hope you like it, and feel free to leave a comment, subscribe, and let me know what you think :)

A group shot after the training - we are all licensed instructors now! :D 

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