Thursday, December 1, 2011

Salmon Fish Cakes

This was our dinner a couple of weeks ago (I think!), and I had taken pictures of it to put on the blog, then I completely forgot about it! :S oops!  Anyway, here it is now (lol); a simple baby spinach salad on the side of salmon potato cakes and a yoghurt dip to go with it.  It was my first time making a fish cake, and it turned out pretty well, although it might not be the traditional way to make a fish cake.

From what I can remember, I first baked two salmon filets in the oven, and boiled sweet potatoes to be used to make a mash (with spring onions, some half and half cream, an egg, and spices).  I then mixed in the baked salmon (which I flaked into pieces) and formed them into cakes.  I placed these on a baking tray, sprinkled bread crumbs on top and sprayed with some olive oil.   These were baked for around 20 mins.

For the yoghurt dip, I mixed low fat plain yoghurt with dried mint (or finely chopped fresh mint), and finely chopped cucumbers - delicious! The salad was simply baby spinach, olive oil and lemon juice.  (Don't forget to season everything with salt and pepper, to your liking!) 

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