Saturday, May 7, 2011

Back in Dubai

I'm back in Dubai for a while now, so I should have time to get back to posting!  The day after we arrived, we went to have breakfast/brunch at 'Zaatar w Zeit' which offers a variety of lebanese breakfast dishes, and 'mana'eesh' (a lebanese wrap of cheese or zaatar)... it was so yummy!

I have also been doing a new exercise program called "Zumba"... it's a latin-dance inspired fitness program, and it's much more interesting than going to the gym everyday and working out on the treadmill or eliptical machine.  It was created by Alberto Perez, an aerobics instructor in Colombia, when he forgot his aerobics tape one day and had to use a music tape he had in his car, for the exercise class.  Zumba is much more fun and effective than going to the gym, and can burn around 500 calories per hour - depending on how hard you work!

Photos from Zumba website; Zaatar w Zeit site

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